Saturday, February 3, 2018

Maiden Voyage 1,323 Miles to GO!

So as you may know, A One Thousand, Three Hundred and Twenty Three (1,"323") mile voyage begins with one step.  That step for me happened as I sauntered onto a Southwest flight in Columbus, OH bound for The Dig D.  Ahh yes, Dallas, beautiful city, and for those of you living under a rock frozen to the ground, it's 45 degrees warmer than Columbus (currently 12 degrees as I bang this out), or should I say Athens, OH, my actual stomping grounds.
As a newly minted/ published Children's Book Author "The Adventures of Coal and Andy; Charlie the Catfish" I was looking forward to reading a phenomenal book my publisher, friend, and mentor, (Ms. Gina McKnight of Monday Creek Publishing) had given me prior to my Adventure to the Great State of Texas.  This bite sized book "YOU ARE A WRITER (so start ACTING like one)" by Mr. Jeff Goins intrigued me immediately.  Didn't even have to open it, I was hooked by the cover.  I couldn't wait to devour the wisdom within. 
Needless to say, it didn't disappoint.  Jeff recommended several things for us rookies.  One of the nuggets that grabbed my attention was blogging.
As Jeff would also recommend, tell everyone you're a writer.
That's three times right?  Worked for Dorothy, so why shouldn't three reps work for me?  "There's no place like home"...
So here I am...
What I can promise you if you endeavor to hang in there as I pontificate the oddities of life...

-  I don't really care what people think of my Blog...  My ideas, my keyboard, my blog...  However, if I strike a cord, let me know.  We'll agree, disagree, and then move on.  It's the forward progress that's key here People.
-  Humor... Dry, Sarcastic, Unique.  The kind of humor that carries a bit of well disguised insight into the normal oddities of life.
-  A Truly Red White and Blue, Patriotic point of view.  After 21 years in the Big Green Machine, it's worn off on me a tad.  If you come from the far left, enjoy what I have to say, tell me to get bent, and then come back for some more.
-  (This particular launch being the exception)  Brief and to the point.  I'm not going to waste anyone's time.  Most importantly, my own.
-  A healthy smattering of Poetry, Lyrics, growing stories for both real kids and adult kids, and perhaps some other literary stuff that no one has a name for yet. 
-  A thought or two on other folks efforts, especially those who espouse a unique twist on life.

So welcome to my First Blog entry.  Remember this is the first, the only one of it's kind, and you had the distinct privilege to be here when it started.  This is going to be a Hoot!

Catch Up With You Soon!


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